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How Not To Get Fat on Holidays

by Zack Cahill

When it comes to sticking to an exercise plan, nothing throws a spanner in the works like a holiday. Buffet breakfasts, the kind of weather that makes you want to lie down and stay there, and cheap, plentiful cocktails are enough to lead even the seasoned iron-hoister astray. But it doesn’t have to be so if you follow these simple … Continue reading


Men: How To Get The Body Type You Want

by James Pope

We throw a lot of technical terms around in the fitness world, words like endomorph and mesomorph which sound clever but mean nothing to the general public. When we ask people what they want to look like they’ll tend to either refer to an actor (who is always Brad Pitt in Fight Club), or use less technical language. So we … Continue reading


The Lazy Bastard’s Fitness Guide

by James Pope

Let’s be honest, we don’t all care about having ripped abs, and that’s ok. Thankfully, the opposite sex often value things like intellect, sense of humour and nunchuk skills over a cover model physique. There are lots of areas of life that demand our attention. So if your physique is low on your list of priorities how can you stay … Continue reading


Breaking The Fitness Rules: 11 Things You’ve Got Wrong About Fitness

by James Pope

Science tells us that our ability to make responsible decisions decays throughout the day. In other words-unlike wind, solar power and Dame Judy Dench, willpower is a finite resource. So if you’re going to put some effort into making changes, make sure you’re not wasting your willpower on the wrong ones. 1- “Fat makes you fat”- well it must right? … Continue reading


Three Surprising Pieces of Strength Training Research…

by James Pope

Strength Training Personal Trainers have an occasionally strained relationship with strength training research. On the one hand, it’s useful to check that one isn’t, to use a scientific term, pulling one’s claims out of one’s arse. On the other, it can sometimes feel like research merely validates things we’ve been doing forever. Some personal trainers go so far as to … Continue reading


Why HIIT training doesn’t work

by Peter Walker

HIIT classes are fun and they will definitely make you sweat but is that really the reason you sign up for these classes? We have found that most people start exercising to get a stronger better looking body and not to just “feel the burn”. Unfortunately there are so many things that mainstream fitness classes miss if getting you your … Continue reading