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Healthy Lunches Near Fleet Street and St Paul’s

When it comes to nailing your nutrition, lunch is often the tricky one. For breakfast, you can whip up an omelet or mix a protein smoothie in seconds, and everyone likes meat and veg for dinner, but for some reason lunch is where most personal training clients come unstuck.

So we thought we’d post a quick list of places we recommend for our clients in the Fleet Street, St Pauls and Blackfriars area of London.

1 – Vita-Mojo 

We love these guys. The main benefit here is you can build your own meal from a broad selection of healthy proteins, carbs and nutritious sides. You just select what you want on an iPad (you can even slide your macronutrient and calories up or down depending on your goals) and it’s prepared in a couple of minutes. You really can’t go wrong here.

2 – Shot

Simple, healthy, organic and tasty is their motto, and the food lives up to it. We’re a big fan of their protein smoothies.

The menu is seasonal and manages to be super nutritious without sucking all the flavour out of their food (unlike another healthy restaurant chain that rhymes with Peon, where everything tastes like utter sadness).


3 – Natural Kitchen

Though no one could accuse them of being the thrifty option, they do provide a high selection of tasty salads for you to throw a hefty chunk of chicken or fish on top of, which is all lunch ever needs to be.


4 – Chilango’s 

A burrito restaurant? Surely we jest! Well, sort of. Most of whats on the menu here isn’t ideal for fat loss, but like most places now they do offer a healthier ‘protein box’ option which is waaaaay better than we expected. Tasty, filling and with vastly reduced carbs, you could do a lot worse than this.