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Things People Get Wrong About Having a Fitness Trainer

Things People Get Wrong About Having a Fitness Trainer

1 – Just Having a Fitness Trainer is Not Enough

I have a bunch of cookery books at home. They sit taunting me as I wait for my Uber Eats order to arrive or grab handfuls of Parma ham straight from the packet. Because, basically, I can’t cook. Oddly enough, the mere act of buying the books did not download the skill of cooking into my brain – Matrix style!

It’s the same with having a fitness trainer. Although obviously, it needs to be said…just paying for a program or some training sessions isn’t enough to get results! Now you’ve got to work, to get results!

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2 – The Workout is The Most Important Part

The workout is the easy part. Yes, it’s sweaty, it’s hard, it hurts and you may feel like your spleen is about to push through your eye socket at times. But it’s all over after an hour. And you only have to do it three or four times a week; that’s just 4 hours out of 168 hours every week.

Those other 164 hours are crucial too! These are the hours when you need to stick to your healthy eating diet, make sure you’re getting enough sleep and keeping hydrated with water. It’s no good getting blind drunk and waking up in a bathtub with a kidney missing – if you get my drift!

Don’t get me wrong, the workout is important. But training only makes a difference, if your diet and lifestyle support it.

3 –You Need To Be Fit Before You Get a Fitness Trainer!                                                                    

Do you clean your house before your cleaner arrives? (You do? Weird, so do I.) Anyway, this falls into the same category. It’s so weird and illogical that it would be laughable if it weren’t such a common phenomenon.

Presumably, it comes from not wanting to be judged by the trainer or other gym members, which is understandable. Just remember, everyone is too busy on their own workout to worry about anyone else around them! Let alone care who else is overweight or hasn’t the perfect physique. As for the trainers, you won’t be the most out of shape person they’ve ever come across. Whatever shape you are in, they will applaud you for making it over the threshold. Your challenge will be their challenge too.

 4 – You Need To See a Fitness Trainer Three Times a Week or It’s a Waste!

We offer a 12 week Body Transformation Program, training four times a week. The results are amazing. But that’s 12 weeks…not forever. Even an extreme sadist would not subject themselves to this torture four days a week forever!

After the 12-week Body Transformation Program is over, the majority of our clients will stay with us to maintain their fitness. We are flexible: some see us once or twice a week; some will also come and do additional sessions following a personal plan tailored to their goals;  others will just come once a month for body measurements and program updates. There are many different options that can be adapted to suit you.

The point is, they still benefit massively from having our expertise to guide them. They just don’t need their hand held forever.

To find out about our packages and how we can get you in the shape of your life in 12 weeks, drop us an email now.

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