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Tim Walker Evolve Fitness head Personal Trainer
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Some things are
always in your control.


Ditch the ineffective exercises and enlist London’s best personal trainers to transform your body & lifestyle. At Evolve Fitness we have the equipment, resources and most importantly the expertise to get you the results you want without wasting any time. Visit our Liverpool Street Gym or get in touch today!

Tim Walker Evolve Fitness head Personal Trainer
Play Video about Tim Walker Evolve Fitness head Personal Trainer

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As featured in…

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Real people. Real results.

Warrior Tribe Icons

Group training with Personal Training results


Our Warrior Tribe programme is London’s only Group Body Transformation class. Together we’ll define your goals and decide how many weeks you’ll need to change everything. All the technology, expert advice and training that comes with Personal Training, plus the camaraderie and support of your Tribe. 

Personal Training that really is personal

Warrior for life

The Warrior For Life programme is all about training over the long term. It is results-focussed, but without the all-encompassing devotion and intensity of a 12 week transformation.

Choose between

1 session

4 sessions

8 sessions

as a rolling monthly programme

Need big results, fast?


Our famous Warrior Workout is a body transformation programme like no other. Tailored to your exact body-type and goals, the intensive 6 week or 12 week transformation gives you everything you need to achieve incredible results in the shortest possible time.

Choose between

6 weeks


12 weeks

have all of these tools at your disposal for the best, lasting results

Up to 4 sessions a week with London’s top Personal Trainers

Tailored nutrition plan

Bespoke training programme to suit your body type

Regular body composition tests

Around the clock contact

Professional photo shoot (optional)

The Evolve Fitness Personal Training team

As personal trainers we are all very experienced in helping people like you achieve great results where you may not have been able to succeed before.

The Evolve Fitness team separates itself from standard personal trainers by having a real understanding of what “normal” people actually get up to, because we are just like you. We all love to train but we also like to eat, drink and sometimes we do do it excessively!

We have seen it all over the last couple of decades as trainers and we know that everyone has their own story to tell. We have collectively trained thousands of clients but we pride ourselves on delivering a truly personal experience.

From the Evolve Fitness blog

London’s Best Personal Trainers in the heart of the city. Tucked behind Bishopsgate, our Liverpool Street Gym has everything you need to transform your body, just a stones throw from one of London’s biggest business hubs.

Drop in and say hello, or contact us here