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The 15/10 Challenge

The 15/10 Challenge

This has been my favourite excuse killer for four years. 

Consistency is the only way you build muscle mass and get the body you desire. This 10 minute workout is very effective and every single one of you does have time to do it.

It is not as effective as a well planned 45-60 min workout but it is a great stop gap if something gets in the way of you making it to the gym. Just like EMOM workouts it’s a brilliant way to get a volume of reps which builds quality muscle. If I told you to drop down and give me 120 push ups your tell me where to go but if you finish this you would have done 120 reps as you finish.


  1. Pick any exercise that you can do at least 1 reps of such as air squats, push ups or sit ups.
  2. Set a timer for 10 minutes as this is the time cap for the whole workout. 
  3. Do one repetition and then rest 15 seconds
  4. Do two repetitions and rest another 15 seconds.
  5. Keep repeating this all the way up to 15 repetitions.
  6. As the repetitions get more difficult try to stick to the 15 second rest but it will become extremely difficult. 
  7. Do as many sets as possible. Once you get to 15 completed sets you have finished and you have done 120 repetitions. 


15/10 levels

If it sounds too easy or even too difficult then, just like any good workouts, you can try one of the versions below.

Level 1 – 10 mins. Rest 15 seconds between sets. When tired rest as long as you need and complete each set in as many attempts as you need.

Level 2 – 10 mins. Rest 15 seconds between sets. Sets only count if completed in one attempt.

Level 3 – Aim for 10 mins but must complete 15 sets to finish the drill however long it takes. Rest 15 seconds between sets. When tired rest as long as you need and complete each set in as many attempts as you need.

Level 4 – 10 mins max. Rest 15 seconds between sets. Complete 18 sets. 

Level 5 – As above but finish under 9 minutes.


Now remember that this is a workout for when you can’t get to a gym or when you are out of your usual schedule but want to keep progressing. Incredible physiques are hard to get so don’t see this as permission to do three 10 minute workouts a week in that pursuit. I know you wouldn’t. 

This is a tool. To get in lifelong great shape you need a bag of tools and not just one hammer. Chuck this is your tool kit and get to work 💪

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