7 Inconvenient Truths About Fitness

by admin

Remember those episodes of sitcoms where they took a load of clips from previous episodes, filmed a few minutes of new material as a framing device and then broadcast it as a filler show? That’s kind of what this is. A few ideas that might have become blog posts but never made it. We’re underselling this a bit, but hopefully … Continue reading


Five Diet Supplements That Actually Work And Will Fuel your Body Transformation

by Zack Cahill

Most supplements are a waste of money. Let’s say that again: The vast majority of supplements are only good for making your urine more expensive. But of course there are exceptions to every rule. Well, maybe not “don’t slam your testicles in a drawer.” Aside from that rule, there are always exceptions. So we asked our trainers for the supplements … Continue reading


Three Dumb Things Personal Trainers Do With Their Clients

by Zack Cahill

1 –  ‘Correcting’ Imbalances It’s not that imbalances aren’t a thing. Or that it isn’t a trainer’s responsibility to prevent injury or prescribe exercises that improve range of motion. But there are degrees to this. Clients comes to us for their own reasons. Those reasons are, 100% of the time, fat loss or muscle gain or a combination of both. … Continue reading


Five Steps To Shoulders That Don’t Hurt

by Zack Cahill

The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, and that’s a double edged sword. On the one hand, you can scratch your own back, juggle chainsaws and do the YMCA. But the downside is that the shoulder is far more susceptible to injury than more stable joints. Here are three ways to help keep it in check. 1- … Continue reading


Four Muscle Building Tricks That Never Fail

by Zack Cahill

Variety is the spice of life, and that’s doubly true of training. If you’ve been doing three sets of ten since Peter Andre was a viable pop star, it’s time you tried something new. Here are four tried and tested techniques to incorporate into your workout that are guaranteed to leave you limping. (And building muscle obviously. We’re not just trying … Continue reading


Six Reasons You’re Not Making Progress

by Zack Cahill

It’s supposed to be simple, this fitness stuff. Want to lose weight? Eat less and move more. Want to build muscle? Lift weights and eat protein. And yet millions of people struggle to achieve their goals, get frustrated and quit.  Why? What’s stopping people from seeing the kids of results they want? Naturally there’s no one answer. So we thought … Continue reading

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