Ask The Trainers – Can You Get in Great Shape on a Vegan Diet?

by Zack Cahill

We don’t always have to agree on every aspect of diet and training, that’s what makes it interesting. Sometimes we like to ask two trainers about a controversial topic and see what happens. This week we’re asking if it’s possible to get in great shape on the vegan diet. Lee Bennett says… No I’ve worked in the fitness, bodybuilding and … Continue reading


So You’ve Joined a Gym…

by James Pope

Congratulations on your decision to get in shape this year. Though some may mock you for jumping on the bandwagon, we applaud you. We all need prodding into action and a new years resolution is as good a prod as any. Now, we’re sure you’re being bombarded with weight loss options right now, from gyms to boot camps to diet … Continue reading


Six Surprising Muscle Building Tips

by James Pope

1- Train The Largest Muscles First, But Not Always… The general rule of thumb that the big exercises should be done first is a good one. But a couple of times a year, a three or four week period of training the smaller muscles first in isolation is extremely effective. So, on a pulling workout you might train biceps first, … Continue reading


Guest blog from Pras Gengatharan – An Evolve Warrior

by James Pope

This is a guest blog from Pras Gengatharan, who trained with us under Scarlet Hollands and Lee Bennett.   If you want an insight into what it’s like training with us from the client’s perspective, read on…   When friends and colleagues comment on my weight loss journey, the questions I am most often asked are “How many days a … Continue reading


Three Exercises We Hate – Want to get in shape? Don’t bother with these…

by Zack Cahill

Zack Cahill hates… The Bent Over Row – “Everyone screws this up. Either they can’t maintain proper spinal alignment, so their back is all contorted and flexed, or they can’t do consistent reps because they gradually stand more upright as the set progresses, so that by the end they’re practically doing shrugs. Either way, most people do these in a … Continue reading


Ripped in 6 Weeks Part 5 – Hakim Medfai

by Zack Cahill

The Evolve Team are all training for our annual photo shoot in six weeks time. We thought it would be fun to share some of our trainers’ training diaries, so you can see how PTs get themselves in shape. Tim Digan’s is here, Lee Bennett’s is here, Max Gingell’s is here, next up it’s the turn of Haikim Medfai. ‘4 … Continue reading

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