The Anatomy of A Perfect Workout Part 2

by Zack Cahill

For part 1 of this quick and easy breakdown of what it takes to have a perfect workout, Click Here Seek Balance With Your Exercise Choices So you’ve had enough food, warmed up, you’ve applied the fire alarm rule. Then what? Time to move on to your supplementary exercises. This is obviously a huge topic. But typically you’re going to … Continue reading


The Anatomy of A Perfect Workout Part 1

by Zack Cahill

Not all workouts are created equal. Some are heroic feats, the stuff of legend, spoken about in hushed tones for years after. Others are as weak and inconsequential as a baby’s fart. In your long training career you’ll have both. The trick is to ensure that the majority are in the first category. But how? Here’s a quick and easy … Continue reading


10 Fitness “Rules” You Can Ignore Part 2

by Zack Cahill

People believe all sorts of silly rules when it comes to fitness. As we’re about to take on a hundred or so new clients to our Warrior Tribe group body transformation program, we wanted to dispel a few fitness myth early. For part 1 of this blog, click here 6- “Coffee is Bad For You” Coffee before exercise provides energy … Continue reading


10 Fitness “Rules” That You Can Safely Ignore Part 1

by Zack Cahill

When clients start their training with us, they tend to come with preconceptions; a set of “facts” about fitness they believe to be set in stone. However, a good percentage of those facts turn out, on closer examination, to be utter nonsense. Since we’ll be taking on a brand new group of clients to our Warrior Tribe this September 10th … Continue reading


Hack Your Hormones: How To Get Lean, Sleep Like a Baby and Stay Young

by Zack Cahill

Hormones are a bit like your body’s board of directors. You know they exist, you know they do an important job. You’re just not quite sure what that job is. But behind closed doors they’re running the show. They choose when you sleep or get hungry, whether you build muscle or store fat – they can even make you happy … Continue reading


Four Magic Numbers For Fat Loss

by Zack Cahill

Personal trainers have a knack for making the simple sound complex. Read enough articles and you’d be forgiven for thinking that training and dieting for weight loss were on a par with splitting the atom. Well we like to be different. We’ve come up with a few easy to remember ‘magic numbers’, numbers you can plug into your training program … Continue reading

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