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Something Positive In All This

by Zack Cahill

Well here we are. Didn’t things change quickly? This is an embarrassing confession, but I was completely behind the ball on this. A few weeks ago I was having Sunday lunch with my mate Dan. As he drenched his hands with sanitiser he asked if I thought we’d shut the gym down. It seemed ridiculous to me. I found the … Continue reading


Can You Really “Boost” Your Immune System?

by Zack Cahill

Good old Facebook making a bad situation worse. Bad enough that there’s a pandemic. Bad enough people are freaking out and buying toilet paper like it’s an actual sh*tting disease and not a nasty flu. But Facebook have to go and pour petrol on the bonfire by spreading nonsense. You’ll have seen the posts; spurious ways to “boost your immune … Continue reading


Are There “Bad” Exercises?

by Zack Cahill

I just typed “Bad Exercises” into google and got 268 million results. Now, I can’t say I read all 268 million of them, but I clicked on quite a few and had a good scroll. What I found was a lot of repetition, with the same exercises coming up again and again. Which could mean everyone is copying each other out … Continue reading


The Curse of The Third Thursday

by Zack Cahill

The third Thursday in January. That’s when most people quit the gym. That’s when the majority of new gym members throw in the towel. They don’t even make it a whole month. That’s last week!  It’s all over already. Nutrition wise, people tend to hold out a little longer. The dining app FourSquare identified an annual “fall off the wagon day”, … Continue reading


Why Hard Rules Make It Easy

by Zack Cahill

Let’s take two examples of fat loss strategies. Call them New Years resolutions if you like. Option one is “Cut down drinking and eat more fresh veg and high quality protein.” Option two is “Drop carbs for two weeks and go zero alcohol for a month.” Which is best? The answers tend to be quite polarising. Many people in the … Continue reading


Should Women Train Like Men?

by Zack Cahill

We’ve come a long way in the past decade. We can 3D print a prosthetic leg, summon all human knowledge on a black rectangle that lives in our pockets and there are like a hundred more flavours of Ben and Jerry’s.   Another way we’ve made progress is in gym culture. In the past the gym could be a pretty … Continue reading