Ten Ways To Be More Athletic

by Zack Cahill

Training to look good is a worthy pursuit. But it’s also cool to have some “go” with all that “show.” Here’s how to be better at all that moving around, running and jumping stuff. 1 – Train Explosively Slow, grinding reps have their place. But make sure you include some plyometric exercise into your training. To begin with, medicine ball … Continue reading


The Ten Commandments of Getting Shredded

by Zack Cahill

Next week sees the start of our four week Summer Shred at the Evolve gym. To celebrate the fact that we’re about to take a new bunch of eager, nearly-in-shape folks to the land of abs, we thought we’d get biblical on your ass with our… Ten Commandments of Getting Shredded… 1 – Thou Shall Achieve a Small Daily Calorie … Continue reading


5 Ways You’re Screwing Up Your Workout

by Zack Cahill

Every talented person was once utterly crap. Serena Williams once couldn’t hit a tennis ball. Michael Jackson couldn’t always dance. Kim Kardashian wasn’t always… Whatever she is. Ok never mind her. You get the point. Everyone’s got to start somewhere. But you can start on the right road, or you can waste a few years barrelling full speed into a … Continue reading


4 Underrated Exercises More Personal Trainers Should Use

by Zack Cahill

Sometimes you have to feel sorry for fitness magazines, having to come up with new headlines every month when. If they were honest, every single cover would say “Squats and Deadlifts: Still The Best.” Because it’s true. It’s never going to stop being true: Heavy, multi-joint barbell exercises are superior options, and your training should be built around them. But … Continue reading


4 Ways Instagram Is Ruining Fitness

by Zack Cahill

1 – The Cheapening of Expertise Here’s something you experience as a  personal trainer quite frequently: Someone close to you, let’s say your mum, mentions she’d like to lose a bit of weight. You, a person who works in the fitness industry, is qualified to prescribe exercise and nutrition advice, has a decade of experience doing so, give her a … Continue reading


7 Inconvenient Truths About Fitness

by Peter Walker

Remember those episodes of sitcoms where they took a load of clips from previous episodes, filmed a few minutes of new material as a framing device and then broadcast it as a filler show? That’s kind of what this is. A few ideas that might have become blog posts but never made it. We’re underselling this a bit, but hopefully … Continue reading

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