Here at Evolve we pride ourselves on the experience and professionalism of our Personal Trainers. Each Personal Trainer brings their own unique personality and take on training, while maintaining the high standards people have come to expect, and deserve.

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Evolve Fitness is the number one place for effective, no-nonsense, results-driven personal training in London. Two specially designed, private personal training studios in convenient locations for anyone working in the City of London. 

But a gym is nothing without its personal trainers

The City of London contains hundreds of gyms with thousands of members, yet it is rare to meet someone who is truly happy with their fitness or body composition. Why?

We think it’s down to one simple fact: Too many trainers don’t care enough. That’s not the case at Evolve. You will never be just a number here. You don’t just show up and sweat. Our personal trainers offer nothing less than a total lifestyle overhaul. 

How it works

When you meet your trainer, they’ll look at where you are in your journey, and where you want to be. Do you want a six pack? Lean legs? Do you want to lose 40kg? Lift double your body weight? We will find a goal that’s meaningful for you. 

Then the fun part begins

Your Evolve trainer will structure the next 12 weeks of your life (or as long as necessary) to get you to that goal. This will typically involve four training sessions per week and plenty of contact outside of your sessions. It will mean helping you plan for the inevitable work trips and holidays that arise so you never go off track or lose motivation. It will mean educating until you know as much about exercise and nutrition as an entry level trainer.

Every two weeks we’ll measure, reassess and if necessary change our approach so that you never stagnate, so that you’re always moving forward.

Our personal trainers can go toe-to-toe with the best in the world

Our personal trainers have decades of experience in a range of disciplines from bodybuilding to rehab to various sports, but all of it focussed on helping real world people with jobs and responsibilities. Yes it will be tough. You will train hard and change how you eat. But we’re not fitness robots. We know you can’t live in the gym and exist on chicken and broccoli alone. So we’ll work together to get you to your goal, with empathy and intelligence. And the odd cheat meal.

This isn’t training, this is body transformation. 

Our body transformations have featured in many national fitness and lifestyle magazines. In fact, one of our clients was the focus of the most read article in Esquire magazines history.

You’ll find no pointless, faddy equipment here, no shiny chrome-plated vibrating machines, just the stuff that works: Squat racks, barbells, kettlebells, cable machines and a 30 metre sled track. 

There’s nothing else in London quite like Evolve. If you don’t believe us, come in for a free consultation today.