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Four Magic Numbers For Fat Loss

Four Magic Numbers For Fat Loss

Personal trainers have a knack for making the simple sound complex. Read enough articles and you’d be forgiven for thinking that training and dieting for weight loss were on a par with splitting the atom.

Well we like to be different. We’ve come up with a few easy to remember ‘magic numbers’, numbers you can plug into your training program or diet plan and instantly get results.

1 – Keep Your Carbs at 100g or Less

We’ve honed this over years of prescribing fat loss diets for large numbers of people at a time in our Warrior Tribe groups.

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The key to this is simple. It’s not that low, certainly nowhere near a hardcore ketogenic diet. You’ll have plenty of room to get those strategic carbs in post-workout or have a perfectly satisfying dinner. You won’t experience any of the mental fog that can sometimes come with a lower carb approach.

But, you’ll still be keeping your metabolism primed to use fat as a fuel.

When Goldilocks wants to get ripped, she eats 100 grams of carbs a day. Because it’s not too high and not too low; it’s just right.

2 – Consume Two Grams of Protein Per Day Per Kilo of Body Weight

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Thanks to our client Gobin for providing suitably jacked photos for this blog.

This has been a staple rule of bodybuilding since time immemorial. In fact, ancient scrolls suggest it was originally the 11th commandment, written out of history by the pastry lobby.

Anyway, it works. You need a calorie deficit to lose weight, but you also need to feed your muscles and allow them to recover from weight training. Two grams per kilo puts you right where you need to be.

3 – Train At Least Three Times a Week

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There’s a reason our group training program starts with three sessions a week and then progresses to four: Four is better, but three will get the job done. It’s enough frequency to keep the metabolism stoked and build some muscle. But twice a week? It’s like farting into a hurricane: Fun but ultimately pretty pointless.

4 – Take 10,000 Steps a Day

A hot topic in the world of fat loss for normal, non-gym obsessed people is something called NEAT: Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis. This refers to stuff you do in normal daily life that burns fat, ie not part of a formalised training program.

NEAT is so useful for fat loss that there are even studies showing that people who fidget more are leaner than those who don’t. So, you could get some kind of infectious skin disease that causes you to fidget lots, or you could just take more steps every day.

10,000 is the magic number here, and guess what? Your phone is most likely already monitoring how many you take, so you’ll be able to check. The downside is its also monitoring every single other aspect of your life and it may be only a few short months before men in balaclavas spirit you away to an internment camp. But at least you’ll be leaner.

To learn more about our unique Warrior Tribe group body transformation program, go here.

Words by Zack Cahill

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