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How To Be in The Best Shape of Your Life By Christmas

How To Be in The Best Shape of Your Life By Christmas

Training follows an annual pattern that is as predictable and painful to watch as a boxing match between Mike Tyson and Sir David Attenborough. Every year, it’s the same old story.

We are currently in the middle of the second annual “peak”, where everyone comes back from their August holidays feeling out of shape and attacks the gym with renewed obsession. But soon it’ll give way to the laziest time of year…

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Christmas Chaos…

The festive period is where it all falls apart. Bench pressing and broccoli beget blow-outs and booze.

We know it’s coming. We know you’re going to hurt yourself in December. But do you need to hurt yourself that badly?

Can it be offset?

Can you even… Stay in shape over the festive period?

Let’s Be Realistic…

How many actual “events” have you got? Tell me exactly how many. Six? Eight? Ten? Fine.

How many days are there in December? I guarantee that there are more days in December than the amount of parties you “must” attend. Unless you’re treating the month as a massive cry for help.

So on those other days, guess what? You can just be good. It is actually possible not to turn a night out into a 48 hour dereliction of self-care/all out assault on your waistline.

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Remember: Everything counts. Every day, every meal, every workout. There is no such thing as a “lost cause”, so accept the inevitable Christmas parties and nights out but don’t sandwich them between yet more unhealthy days.

The Booze Factor

Again, we know you’re going to drink more. There’s no point living in denial. So seek to limit the negative effects by…

  • Alternating alcoholic drinks with sparking water.
  • Swapping some beers for spirits with sugar free mixers.

And the big one…

  • Consuming less carbs on the day AND the day after you drink.

Bringing it All Together…

Our 6 Weeks to Rippedmass Program… (yeah, we’re still working on the name)

What is it, aside from an extremely tortured pun?

We train you, one-on-one, three days a week for six weeks.

We measure your body fat every two weeks, meaning you literally don’t have a chance to go off track.

We will dial in your diet so that you know exactly what to eat and when. We will even account for those days when you know you’re going to go off track and have a blow out.

Personal Trainer for Hire

The Result?

You’ll be in your best shape in years by Christmas. While everyone else has piled on the pounds, you’ll be the one smugly necking mulled wine while your co-workers give you jealous looks behind your back.

How does that sound?

Well, let’s make it sound even better.

If you sign up this week we will knock 10% off the usual price for our six week program.

Plus we’ll throw in a discount for Fresh Fitness Foods, the best meal prep company in the country, who will deliver healthy meals to your door every day so all you to do is eat what you’re given.

Plus plus plus…

If you need one more reason to get in the shape of your life, we’ll give you professional photo shoot at the end of your six weeks with us to document just how outrageously good you look… Before you screw it all up over New Years. (Well, hopefully not)

So there you have it.

Six weeks training with the best Personal Trainers in London. The best shape of your life by Christmas, and 10% off the usual price.

It’s like Christmas came early.

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