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Three Exercises We Hate – Want to get in shape? Don’t bother with these…

Three Exercises We Hate – Want to get in shape? Don’t bother with these…

Zack Cahill hates…

The Bent Over Row –

“Everyone screws this up. Either they can’t maintain proper spinal alignment, so their back is all contorted and flexed, or they can’t do consistent reps because they gradually stand more upright as the set progresses, so that by the end they’re practically doing shrugs. Either way, most people do these in a way that makes them a terrible exercise for the lats.”

Do These Instead – Chest Supported Row or Single Arm Row

“Using the bench to provide stability takes pressure off the lower back because it doesn’t have to work so hard to stabilise the movement. This means the back muscles can be targeted properly.”

Oliver Shermer hates…

Sit Ups/Crunches – “Everyone knows what you mean when you say ‘do a crunch’, but nobody does it right because they’re not actually thinking about what muscles to use and the correct movement.”

“Not many average clients can posteriorly tilt their pelvis in the correct way and engage their abs on this. In a edition, we spend most of our time at work in a flexed position as it is, I don’t want clients coming to the gym and adopting that same posture.”

What To Do Instead – Anti-Extension Drills
“Do a plank properly, really focusing on keeping the hips in the right position until you can get it right and hold it for 60 seconds. Then progress to a plank on the Swiss ball, moving the arms in circles while keeping the pelvis locked in place.”

Lee Bennett hates…

Running – “If you like running, and are a healthy weight and structurally sound, with no joint or tendon issues, then fine, run. But if you’re doing it to lose weight or for cardiovascular fitness there are just better options out there that won’t ruin your knees.”

What To Do Instead – “For fat loss, the options are endless really, all you’re doing is burning calories. So for less advanced clients things like the cross trainer or stair climber, or just a long brisk walk are fine.”

“If you’re after a well rounded physique and general fitness, swimming or rock climbing are great options that will also build strength with none of the joint overload.”

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