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The Curse of The Third Thursday

The Curse of The Third Thursday

The third Thursday in January.

That’s when most people quit the gym. That’s when the majority of new gym members throw in the towel.

They don’t even make it a whole month. That’s last week!  It’s all over already.

Transformations like this take significantly longer than two weeks…

Nutrition wise, people tend to hold out a little longer. The dining app FourSquare identified an annual “fall off the wagon day”, where visits to fast food restaurants takes a sudden dramatic uptick. That’s the second Saturday of February.

So two and a half weeks of training, and six weeks of dieting then it’s back to business as usual.

We’re failing on a massive scale, year in, year out, in a predictable fashion.

There are obviously a lot of different reasons for this but the one most commonly cited is motivation.

Motivation is overrated…

But I don’t buy that. Motivation is overrated.

It’s not lack of motivation. It’s lack of results.

Because you don’t even need motivation if you’re getting results.

In two weeks of a halfway decent training and nutrition you should drop between two and five percent body fat. Some will drop a lot more.

That’s enough encouragement to keep anyone going.

Do you think the people who stopped training after two weeks were getting those results?

Of course they weren’t. They wouldn’t have stopped otherwise. In fact they were right to stop. If I was doing something as painful and inconvenient as exercise can be, and seeing no change at all. I’d stop.

We don’t have a motivation problem. We have a knowledge problem.

Once you have the knowledge, you’ll always be in control of your body, and crashing out of an unsuccessful training plan will never happen again.

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