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Warrior Workout

12 week body transformation with london's best personal trainers

Choose between

6 weeks


12 weeks

have all of these tools at your disposal for the best, lasting results

Up to 4 sessions a week with London’s top trainers

Tailored nutrition plan

Bespoke training programme to suit your body type

Regular body composition tests

Around the clock contact

Professional photo shoot (optional)

Why should I commit to a 12 week transformation?

Think about what you could achieve if you focussed on something – anything – for twelve weeks. No half-assing, no dipping your toe in the water, really commit. To anything. That thing you’ve been putting off for months or years. That thing you’ve always known you need to do but never quite got around to.

Something life changing, like learning a new language, writing a novel, or getting in the best shape of your life…

Now lets go one better. What if you decided to focus on one goal with the guidance of world class experts. People who can remove all the guess work and dead ends. Cut out the useless crap and show exactly what to do, how to train, what to eat and how to recover to really maximise your result.

What could you achieve then?

Warrior Workout 12 week transformation

What's Included in the Warrior Workout programme?

Inbody body composition analysis machine

The Assesment

An initial assessment will tell us exactly where you are in terms of body composition, strength, flexibility and nutrition status.

We use the state of the art Inbody machine to get the most accurate possible measurement of your body composition – your muscle mass, fat levels, bone density and more.

Most important of all though, we’ll learn where you are mentally, why you chose now to start your transformation. It might sound cheesy, but the most important factor in your transformation is having a big enough “Why”. So we’ll get extremely specific about what’s driving you. When things get tough, that “why” is the thing that will keep you going.

The training

You’ll perform three training sessions a week under the guidance of our world class personal trainers at our private training studio. You’ll be pushed hard, but with purpose. No mindless reps. No “just smashing it”. Every set, every rep, every exercise has a reason to be there. We do what works and we discard the rest.

Execution is everything. Most reps you see performed at a normal gym are wasted reps, because people don’t know how to train properly to actually stimulate muscle. They just move weights from A to B with no regard for what they’re trying to achieve. We’ll rid you of that habit straight away.

By the end of your 12 week program you’ll know as much as an entry level personal trainer.

Liverpool Street gym
Nutrition for personal training london


Obviously nutrition is key. Obviously calories and macronutrients are important.

But let’s be honest: You could probably go online and find a half decent diet with a few minutes googling. Nutrition knowledge is actually pretty common. You already know an apple is better than a chocolate bar. So diet is a fairly small part of the value we provide. We’ll provide one of course, and it’ll change month to month. It’ll change when you change and according to the phase of training.

Which is nice.

But the real value here is in behaviour change. As in establishing permanent, rock-solid behaviours that mean you’ll never have to worry about diet again. Knowing how to adjust things according to your goals.

We’re not claiming it’s easy.

This is an immersive, 12 week undertaking where you’ll rebuild yourself from the ground up. Anyone tying to sell you this on the basis that it’s easy is full of crap.

You will find it hard. You’ll do things you don’t want to do. But you’ll learn, you’ll grow stronger and more determined. You’ll emerge stronger, leaner, fitter and more knowledgeable.

You’ll emerge a warrior.

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InBody Composition scan – worth £10

Protein shake after each sessions – worth £12

In depth goal-setting session

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