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Warrior for Life

Ongoing PT & Maintenance

Results driven Personal Training
tailored to your lifestyle

The Warrior For Life program is results-focussed, but without the all-encompassing devotion and intensity of a 12 week transformation.

Choose between

1 session

4 sessions

8 sessions

as a rolling monthly programme

Who is this programme for?

This program is for you if…

You’ve already completed the intensive 12 Week Body Transformation and want to maintain your new body with less work and fewer sessions.


You aren’t quite ready to commit to the full 12 week program and all it entails. Maybe you want to try two sessions a week and go from there. This is about changing your lifestyle with a long term approach

Evolve Fitness Personal Trainers
Warrior for Life personal training at Evolve Fitness

Train for life

Remember, training is for life. You’re meant to do this stuff forever. It doesn’t need to be with a trainer, it doesn’t need to be the same type of exercise forever. But your body is meant to move.

The Warrior for Life approach is about improving every aspect of your health from strength, mobility and cardiovascular to changes in your life style that make every day feel more enjoyable.

The good thing is you can maintain a weight and fitness level with less work than it took to get there in the first place. But it takes intelligence and planning. You might not train as frequently, but that just means your training sessions count more than ever.

Always moving forward

Some of our clients have been with us for a decade. Men and women who came to us in their thirties are now in their late forties and still going strong and setting new standards. They came for the rapid transformation. But they stayed to look and feel great forever.

This is what the Warrior for Life programme is all about. You don’t need to train like a lunatic forever and nor should you want to (Though there is a time for that).

But there’s also a time for balance.

And the word is balance. Not stagnation.

We’re still moving forward. Still measuring and tweaking and training with focus. But it’s not the only thing we’re doing.

Sled Track at Evolve Fitness Gym
The Warrior for Life plan is a commitment to yourself to focus on your health and performance. And that doesn’t make you a weirdo or a fitness fanatic. It makes you smart.

Personal Training for Men

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Personal Training for Women

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