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Max Gingell

Max has had a passion for strength training and fitness since he started weight training at the age of 15. After various careers in tailoring and other professions he decided to follow his passion and become qualified as a PT in 2013.

That same year he took on a new challenge to climb MT Blanc for charity enjoying the different aspects of training and endurance involved. This opened up his love for the great outdoors and adventure training.

Max then joined the Marines full time as it married both physical intensity and a challenging environment to operate in but injury forced him to quit although he still enjoys work as a reservist today.

Since coming back into Personal training he has thrown himself back into strength training and has developed a deep appreciation for all things Barbell related. Max loves to train like old time body builders from the 40s through to the 60s who believed that we all should aspire to not only look strong but actually develop a physique that reflects functional strength and fitness. This is what he trains for and it’s how he loves to train people. In short Max practises what he preaches.

“I love being part of Evolve and EOM amongst like minded individuals who like me believe in a industry full of gimmicks and “magic pill solutions” that the best results come from good old fashioned hard work in the gym and consistency in the kitchen.”