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Personal Trainer Blackfriars

Personal Trainer Blackfriars

Evolve Fitness is the number one place for effective, no-nonsense, results-driven, in the Blackfriars area.

A specially designed, private personal training studio situated a short walk from Blackfriars, St Paul’s and Chancery Lane stations.

At Evolve you are not just a number. This is not a gym where you show up, sweat, leave and be forgotten about. In fact, most gyms operate by assuming (hoping) you’ll rarely show up, which is how the average gym in the UK can afford to have 7 members per square foot. At Evolve, we only sign you up when we know you can commit to 3-4 sessions a week. Because that’s what it takes to transform your body. If that doesn’t work for you, we wont take your money.

The City of London contains hundreds of gyms with thousands of members, yet it is rare to meet someone who is truly happy with their fitness or body composition. Why? Many reasons. Young, inexperienced trainers, the booze-fueled city lifestyle and gruelling work schedule.

But we think it’s down to one simple fact – Too many trainers don’t care enough.

Personal Trainer London

As the largest personal training facility in London, we have 3,500 square foot of space, arranged to offer maximum results and convenience. No more cramming yourself into sweaty basement gyms next to thousands of members, or scrambling for equipments at peak times. No other gym in the Blackfriars area can match Evolve in terms of equipment, facilities and space.

Evolve began as a body transformation company mainly focusing on city men wanting to change their lifestyle in 12 weeks. Using our unique blend of strong man, free weights and functional methods of training, we quickly built a global reputation.

In 2016 we opened the Evolve Gym as Personal Trainer in Blackfriars to bring our passionate ethos to everyone as we quickly realised that women can mix it with the boys when it comes to training hard to achieving exceptional results.

Our body transformations have featured in many national fitness and lifestyle magazines. In fact, one of our clients was the focus of the most read article in Esquire magazines history.

You’ll find no pointless, faddy equipment here, no shiny chrome-plated vibrating machines, just the stuff that works: Squat racks, barbells, kettlebells, cable machines and a 30 metre sled track.

There’s nothing else as a Personal Trainer, Blackfriars area quite like Evolve. If you don’t believe us, come in for a free consultation today.