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Cold Showers: Better Than Coffee… If You’re Tough Enough

by Zack Cahill

Recently I’ve been struggling to wake up in the morning. Nothing much has changed, not my diet or training plan, the only factor I can think of is that the days are getting shorter. It’s hard to gleefully leap out of bed when you’re waking up in a room as dark as the inside of a cow. So what’s to … Continue reading


How I Read Your Mind

by Zack Cahill

How you do anything is how you do everything… I have no idea who first said that but it’s pretty bloody profound. I think you can watch someone, zoom in on almost any small action they do throughout their day, and it’ll tell you who they are. And if it’s true of other people it means it’s also true of … Continue reading


Future You Is A Twat

by Zack Cahill

Want to see something weird? Picture your ideal holiday. Go on, I’ll wait. It could be anything. Your wildest dream. Where would you go? What would you see and do? What kind of experiences would you have? Got something? Okay. Now what if I said I’m going to wipe your memory afterwards. You can go anywhere and do anything. But … Continue reading


Your Reps Are Crap… Here’s How To Fix Them

by Zack Cahill

The repetition, or ‘rep’ if you’re cool, is the atom of weight training: The smallest indivisible unit. Everything is made up of it and every result flows from it. And yet, if you cast your eyes around the average gym you’ll see that the vast majority of reps performed by the vast majority of people are total crap. This is … Continue reading


Five Things Worse Than Curling in The Squat Rack

by Zack Cahill

He’s the most mocked figure at the gym. He’s the butt of a million fitness memes. He’s the one guy even the chilled out yoga instructor wants to strangle to death. Who is he? He’s the guy doing curls in the squat rack. Obviously. And yes, taking up precious squat rack space to bicep curl a weight you could comfortably … Continue reading


Five Ways To Stop Your Office From Making You Fat

by Zack Cahill

Unless you’re an actor or a model, your job doesn’t care if you have a six pack. It doesn’t care if you’re fat. It just wants you to be a good, productive worker bee before you shuffle off this mortal coil, which you’ll hopefully do at your desk with an empty in-tray. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care. With … Continue reading