Three Surprising Pieces of Strength Training Research…

by James Pope

Strength Training Personal Trainers have an occasionally strained relationship with strength training research. On the one hand, it’s useful to check that one isn’t, to use a scientific term, pulling one’s claims out of one’s arse. On the other, it can sometimes feel like research merely validates things we’ve been doing forever. Some personal trainers go so far as to … Continue reading


Why HIIT training doesn’t work

by Peter Walker

HIIT classes are fun and they will definitely make you sweat but is that really the reason you sign up for these classes? We have found that most people start exercising to get a stronger better looking body and not to just “feel the burn”. Unfortunately there are so many things that mainstream fitness classes miss if getting you your … Continue reading

strength training

Weight Training Rules: If You Can’t Do This, Don’t Squat

by James Pope

Everyone knows squats are one of the 10 commandments of personal training and weight training. They’re one of the key fundamental weight lifting movements, and build strong, muscular, lean bodies for years. They can probably cure tonsillitis and do your taxes too (this is not a legitimate claim. Please consult your doctor or accountant). But there are many different ways … Continue reading

cardio workout

The Cardio Workout You’ve Never Done

by James Pope

The Cardio Workout You’ve Never Done Treadmills are crap. They’re boring. They gradually destroy your knees. They turn your gluteal muscles into weak, lazy bastards. And all for what? To burn a few calories. That’s a pretty poor return on investment if you ask us. You’re not getting stronger, you’re not building any muscle, you’re not improving your posture. You’re … Continue reading

workout routine

Workout routine For Women – Want Abs? Focus on Recovery

by James Pope

Workout Routine for Lois Occasionally we like to highlight clients who achieved particularly stunning results. Lois Day definitely fits the bill. Her pictures do most of the talking but we’ve also included a few words from Hakim Medfai, who trained her. He’ll go through her general workout routine and nutrition approach, plus talk about the importance of recovery. Massive congratulations on your … Continue reading

Fitness Trainer

Things People Get Wrong About Having a Fitness Trainer

by James Pope

1 – Just Having a Fitness Trainer is Not Enough I have a bunch of cookery books at home. They sit taunting me as I wait for my Uber Eats order to arrive or grab handfuls of Parma ham straight from the packet. Because, basically, I can’t cook. Oddly enough, the mere act of buying the books did not download … Continue reading

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