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You are one step closer to being beach body ready. Now you need to choose how you are going to achieve it.

Train with the Evolve Fitness team everyday over 4 weeks to fast track your holiday body

NOW ONLY £197* FROM £299

* Available until 30th June 2018

Sometimes you just want to cut the BS and drop fat fast.  As personal trainers for over 15 years there is one thing that we can guarantee that the summer will bring and that is the standard summer question.  “I’ve only got 4 weeks to my holiday can I get in shape before then”

The Summer Shred is your fast track to massive results in only a month.  

  • Take our in depth body composition test
  • Get your personalised diet plan
  • Train with us 3-5 times a week
  • Share the journey with other like minded people and your dedicated trainers in our private Facebook group
  • After 4 weeks re take your body composition tests and be amazed by what only 4 weeks focused work can do

No Evolve Gym near you? Follow the Programme step by step with our Summer Shred

NOW ONLY £67* FROM £99

* Available until 30th June 2018

It is after many hours of planning that we can now say that from 15th June 2018 Evolve Fitness will be giving everyone the chance to change their bodies with us even if you cannot meet us in person.  Evolve Online is born.

  • Our signature 12 week body transformation plan bespoke to your goals and current body composition
  • Access to our private Facebook group to motivate and educate you
  • Follow the program that will get you training 3-5 times a week
  • Diet plan made for your unique body composition